IMPACT (pdf/English)

From imposed change to successful transformation
John B. Borruat

  • How do you « pilot » transformation within an organisation to bring about sustainable impact?
  • What are some of the drivers that stimulate and mobilise an organisation’s resources when it is facing complex challenges?
  • How do you move forward on a path of change in a way that is both meaningful and instructive for all the stakeholders?

Based on practical in-the-field experience and the most recent research, this book encourages everyone to become an actor in the transformation process. The approach places people— with their formidable potential and resources—at the very centre of change. The author presents practical tools that can be used throughout the different stages of an entity’s transformation.

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Author: John B. Borruat is a cofounder of EnAct LLC, a company that trains leaders and managers to act as true pilots of transformation. As an experienced consultant, trainer and certified coach, John has accompanied well over 500 team leaders by constructing and leading international programmes for developing leadership skills. Using his knowhow on a day-to-day basis, John is currently Switzerland’s director for an organisation that promotes cultural exchanges between more than 30 countries worldwide.

Language: English

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