Serving our communities

EnAct invites you:

To be an actor in tomorrow’s world and to participate actively in its construction, by getting involved at the heart of human dynamics, with the goal of leading to more sustainable transformations from an environmental and social perspective.

At the community level, EnAct promotes the development discussions that highlight the many challenges involved in transitioning, showing that everyone has a role to play.

On a more philosophical level, the EnAct association proposes—in the form of meetings, conferences or workshops—places for reflection, seminars for deepening understanding, and exchanges dealing with the major transformations of our time.

Among the questions that arise: What is the role of “human beings” when we are often reduced to “human doings”? How can we reconcile humans and the environment? The digital world: a tool or an end in itself? How can we enhance human diversity and avoid the trap of standardization? How can we free ourselves from self-focused performance and build together rewarding eco-focused objectives?

EnAct’s added value

The future is a story to be co-created with all stakeholders, working towards a world that, we hope, will be more sustainable, more equitable, and marked by informed choices. Hand in hand with those who feel the desire or the need, the EnAct Association aims to observe the evolution of society and to reflect on transitions of the future.

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